Panasonic Arc5 Review: Electric Razor Review And More

Panasonic Arc5 Review: Electric Razor Review and More

If you’re shopping for a new electric razor, you might be considering the Panasonic Arc5. This top of the line razor sets out to combine functionality with the appearance by being one of the best looking razors we’ve ever seen.

Looks are great, but does it work? You want a close shave, and you fork over a good amount of money to get that silky smooth shave the women love. If the Panasonic Arc5 can’t leave your skin looking like a baby’s butt, what good is it?

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What Is The Panasonic Arc 5?

First, we want to talk about what you get when you purchase a Panasonic Arc5. Some electric razors come with a lot of accessories, and this one is no exception.

And let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. Sometimes when searching for the Panasonic Arc5, you might see it spelled with the “5” all lonely and out by itself: Panasonic Arc 5. But the Panasonic Arc5 actually has that “5” snug with the Arc.

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So, let’s get to it.

What’s In The Box?

When you first open the box, you’ll get greeted by a bunch of paperwork. You have a 71-page manual in 3 different languages, cleaning data sheet, how to clean guide, warranty information, and a registration card.

We checked to see if there was any advantage to registering your razor and there really isn’t unless you like an inbox full of spam.

Next, you have a zippered carrying case for the razor and accessories, which is a nice touch. That’s useful if you are a frequent traveler or someone who likes to store their razors in a safe location.

The only downside with the case is that it doesn’t have any ventilation, so you need to make sure you completely dry the razor before storing it.

It also comes with an easy to snap on protective foil guard.

The Cleaning Dock

With the Panasonic Arc5, you have the option of buying a cleaning unit with your electric razor. If you opt to splurge and get the dock, all you have to do is put your razor inside and let the cleaning take place.

The cleaning dock also serves as a charger, which is pretty convenient but based on our research; this dock is not as functional as some of the other premium options available in this price range.

That said, it’s nice to be able to get everything done in one place.

The Opening Act

Without further adieu, we present the Panasonic Arc5 electric razor. This razor looks incredible at first glance. When you stack it up alongside your traditional throw-away razors, there is no comparison.

When you first take this shaver out of the box, you will be impressed by all the chrome, but that will be short-lived once you get fingerprints and watermarks all over it.

Right in the middle of the shaver is a big round button. This button serves as the on and off switch, and it also has a lock that prevents the razor from coming on in your travel case.

The Panasonic Arc5 has three different things happening on the razor grip. You have a textured rubber area where you will hold onto it. Next, you have a white plastic seam that connects the two sections of the razor. Lastly, you get a smooth rubber section that makes the rear portion of the shaver.

The Shaving Head

Let’s take a look at the design of the shaving head on the Panasonic Arc5. The first thing you’ll notice is that they decided to go with a foil head on this razor. This shaving head has five cutting blades with each of them covered by a foil guard.

In the middle of the head, you have a comb blade for longer beard hairs. On the outsides, you have four blades that lie flat against the skin, and these are there to cut hairs that sit just above the skin.

The thought behind this design is that you can shave any beard using this razor. You have the blade in the middle to shave the longer beard hairs with the ones on the outside for the short stuff.

Mobility And Pivoting

Most premium-priced razors have quite a bit of pivoting action. The Panasonic Arc5 has what they call a multi-flex head. This feature allows the head of the razor to maintain contact with your skin continually, so you don’t miss any spots.

On the back of the razor, you have three different settings. There is a free setting that allows the razor head to pivot freely. There’s a lock setting that forces the shaver head to stay in a stationary position. Finally, the last setting pops up the detail trimmer.

The trimmer is nice, and it’s ideal for shaping and trimming sideburns. Personally, I love detail trimmers, and I find myself using them frequently when shaving so I do think this is a nice add-on that not every razor has.

Unfortunately, the trimmer is so small that I wouldn’t recommend throwing away your full-size beard trimmer. You’d have a heck of a time working with a large beard with this trimmer because of its size.

How’s The Shave?

We’ll keep it simple and straightforward here. The shave is great. You can get nice and close to your skin with the five-blade design and the pivoting head on the razor works nicely up against contours in your skin.

One primary downside with the foil head is that it gets hot when you’re shaving, so it causes you to get some intense razor burn.

This issue is not exclusive to the Panasonic Arc5 though; this is something you could experience with any razor.

Panasonic Arc5 Specifications

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Now you have a thorough understanding of how the Panasonic Arc5 works, it’s time to get into some of the boring stuff. For all you numbers people out there, here are some of the specifications of the Panasonic Arc5:

  • Features five blades
  • Uses a pivoting head
  • 14,000 CPM motor speed
  • Wet/dry feature
  • 30-degree inner blade
  • Comes with a pop-up trimmer
  • One hour to full charge
  • Operational for up to 45 minutes
  • Dimensions: 6.5 inches by 2.8 inches by 2.1 inches

What Are Customers Saying?

Whenever we review a product, we put a lot of time into researching what customers are experiencing with that item. The Panasonic Arc5 has an excellent reputation online as a premium electric shaver.

Customers state that this razor is lighter than that of the competition and that it’s also more comfortable to use.

Some people also say that they feel the shaving head on the Panasonic Arc5 contours to the skin better than some of the other premium electric razors out there.

Lastly, during our research, we found that the extra speed of the Panasonic makes a considerable difference in the comfort users feel while shaving. This razor has 14,000 CPM, which is 4,000 more than the competition.

That results in a more comfortable shave and fewer passes required to get a clean shave.

Panasonic Arc5: Compared

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Next, it’s time to take a look at how this razor stands up to the competition. The best way to tell if an electric razor is right for you is to see how it compares to some of the others on the market.

That’s a premium offering, so we attempted to compare it to other premium electric razors only.

How We Reviewed

We use only the most reputable sources. We use manufacturer websites, consumer advocate sites, and customer reviews to decide what razors to recommend to the consumers. We only provide honest and concise information based on facts.

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First, we’re taking a look at how the Panasonic Arc5 compares to this razor from Braun. Both of these razors are premium quality, and they also come at a premium price. Compared to Braun, the Panasonic is lighter and a bit more comfortable to use.

The head on the Panasonic is also larger and more flexible, so it works well around the neck and areas that are more sensitive.

One primary difference that separates these two razors is the vibrations per minute. The Braun razor has 10,000, and the Panasonic has 14,000.

These numbers have a significant impact on the feel of your shave. The more vibrations you have the cleaner the shave you get with less work.

Lastly, Braun offers several accessories with their razor as well. You get a cleaning unit with a cleaning solution, a travel case, and a charging cord. They also guarantee your razor performs for as long as seven years.

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Here we have another high end wet/dry shaver with a flexible shaving head that moves in eight different directions. The first thing that stands out about this razor compared to the Panasonic Arc5 is its flexible head design.

This shaver contains more flexibility than both the Panasonic and the Braun razor because it flexes in all directions.

This razor comes with five different length settings and a three-level battery indicator and travel lock. Within one hour of charging you’ll be ready to go and you get a full two-year warranty on the Philips razor.

Many customers of this razor are pleased with the shave. They say the razor works quickly and doesn’t miss a beat, but they are disappointed by the longevity of the shaving heads.

They state that you need to replace the heads regularly, which is not cheap.

Lastly, we wanted to compare the Panasonic Arc5 to a much lower tier razor to see if the features are worth the premium price.

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This razor from Remington features a stationary rotary head with a slight pivot that allows you to contour to the shape of your face and neck. It also features anti-microbial blades that will enable you to cleanse and soothe your skin with every shave.

Right off the bat, there are some definite issues with this razor. It doesn’t have the same flexibility as some of the more premium options. It also doesn’t have a pop-up trimmer or a cleaning dock.

The Remington also doesn’t have variations in the size and shape of the blades on the head, which means you’ll find yourself pulling hairs that are longer rather than cutting them.

This razor is also for dry use only, and it only comes with a six-month warranty.

Panasonic Arc5: Pros And Cons

When shopping for an electric razor, you want to make sure you are doing your research and finding out as much as you can. It can be difficult to read long articles of information sometimes so if you’re looking to get straight to the point, here are the pros and cons of the Panasonic Arc5.

illustration of a person showing the pros and cons


  • 14,000 CPM for a clean shave
  • Pivoting head
  • Wet/dry use
  • Optional cleaning dock available


  • Can cause razor burn
  • Shaver is aggressive without shaving cream

It’s Shaving Time

Overall, we are highly impressed by the Panasonic Arc5. We think this is an excellent electric razor for people who shave frequently. The five-blade design is perfect for your five o’clock shadow, as well as longer beard hairs from a few days of neglect.

Additionally, we love the wet/dry feature, and the pivoting action of the head is perfect for getting a close shave every time.

The razor gives you everything you need and a little more. You get a perfectly close shave, an easy to use razor, and a sexy design that you’ll be happy to pull out of the drawer every day.

Have you used the Panasonic Arc5? Let us know what you think of this shaver in the comments section.

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