Your Guide On How To Use An Electric Razor

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If you’ve never used one, you might not know how to use an electric razor. Some people swear by the traditional method of using some shaving cream and a good old straight razor. While that might give you the closest shave known to man, sometimes you need something quick and easy.

An electric razor is always there when you’re looking to get in and get out. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself and sticking little pieces of toilet paper all over your face. Who needs a close shave anyway?

What’s In Your Razor?

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When we look down inside our electric razor, it looks like a bunch of spinning belts that quickly rip the hair out of your face. In our efforts to explain how to use an electric razor we’ve discovered quite a bit of information.

The electric razor does not require shaving cream or water. Usually, razors are powered by a tiny DC motor using a batter or direct electricity.

There are two main kinds of electric razors, foil, and rotary style. Which type you prefer depends entirely on your preferences and your face.

The great history of manscaping

The first U.S. patent for electric razors was filed in 1898 by a man named John F. O’Rouke. Soon after, a man named Jacob Schick patented the first electric razor like we are used to seeing today.

Since the 1960s, battery operated razors have grown in popularity and this paved the way for rechargeable batteries as well. If you don’t use one and don’t know how to use an electric razor you might be uncomfortable with the way it feels on your skin.

Electric razor versus blade

As we said, the feeling of an electric razor is much different than the feel of a traditional straight or guarded blade. With electric razors, they tend to pull the hairs up and then cut them. That results in a feeling of your skin getting pulled on, and many people stick to disposable razors to avoid this.

Another advantage of a straight or guarded razor is your ability to get a close shave. With shaving cream and a razor, you can get right down to the skin and get that silky smooth feeling a lot of men desire.

Of course, it does take quite a bit more work to get to that point, but if you’re looking for the closest shave possible, straight razors are the way to go.

Pros of electric razors:


  • Easy to use
  • Quick to set up
  • Doesn’t require shaving cream or water
  • Harder to cut yourself

Pros of straight razors:


  • Closer shave
  • No battery or power required

How To Use An Electric Razor: The Art Of The Close Shave

Just as people all over the world can appreciate the taste and aroma of fine wine, some can appreciate the feel and appearance of a close shave. It’s an art form that takes many years to master, so we understand if you don’t know how to use an electric razor.

That was a bit dramatic.

Most of us understand the basics of using an electric razor, but not everyone knows what to do to get the most out of the shave. If you pick up your electric razor and start going at your face without preparing, you’ll quickly find yourself with a prickly face and missed spots.

There are a few steps you need to take to guarantee yourself a close shave every time.

Prepare your face

Getting your face ready for a close shave is the most important and often overlooked step. You need to wash your face and get rid of all the dirt and oil. When you do this, you also open your pores, which allows for a closer shave.

If possible, use an exfoliating soap to scrub away dead skin cells and prepare your skin for the shave. When you use warm water on your face, it softens the facial hair, which makes things easier on the razor as well.

If you want to go the extra mile, many people use alcohol-based “pre-shave” to help remove skin impurities and get the hair standing tall. You may have heard of products like Lectric Shave. These pre-shave facial cleansers will help people who are unsure of how to use an electric razor.

If you’re using a wet shaver that allows you to use cream or gel, we suggest that you use the gel — using the gel on your face with the wet shaver results in less pulling of the skin and ultimately less pain. You’ll provide your face with better lubrication, which results in a better shave as well.

Against the grain

The second most important step of learning how to use an electric razor is knowing how to attack your face. Shaving is a lot like cutting grass. When you’re mowing the lawn, you find a strategy and a plan for handling it, and you go at it. You don’t mow the grass aimlessly with no direction or strategy, right?

The same goes for your face. If you have some stubble, take your hand and run it along your face. When you go in one direction, it should feel somewhat smooth like you are pushing the hairs down. When you go the other way, the hairs should feel rough like they are getting in your way.

You want to go against the grain when you are shaving because that results in the closest shave. If you shave with the grain, you’ll find that you miss spots and go right over certain areas because you are using the razor to press the hairs down.

Going one handed

You have to make use of everything you have. You’ve got two hands, so you need to use them. When you’re trying to learn how to use an electric razor, the best thing you can do is pull your skin tight with one hand while shaving with the other.

Following this important step allows your hairs to stand up tall so that you can cut them easily without having to pull on your skin with the razor. When you go over your face without pulling the skin tight, you may also have imperfections like wrinkles and ripples to shave over.

Shaving over these areas without pulling the skin tight is a guaranteed way to cut yourself, even with an electric razor.

Avoiding the burn

You’ve most likely heard of razor burn, right? Those painful bumps usually occur in sensitive areas like the neck. Razor burn is commonly associated with straight or guarded razors but did you know you can burn yourself on an electric razor as well.

The burn is not quite the same because it happens as a result of the razor getting too hot. To prevent this from happening to you, if possible, shave your neck first before the razor has a chance to heat up. That is the most sensitive area where most people experience irritation.

How To Use An Electric Razor: Putting Your Best Chest Forward

So, you want to shave your chest hair? If you don’t know how to use an electric razor you’re going to be in for quite a trip.

First things first, you want to decide how much shaving you plan on doing. Most men don’t want to shave their entire chest but instead, trim it a little. That is where your electric razor comes in.

The first thing you need to do is get in the shower and lather up your chest area with a nice shave gel. Since you’re using an electric razor, you obviously can’t shave in the shower. Washing your chest first helps open up the pores and prepares your hair for shaving.

Once you get out, you want to start shaving with your electric razor and pay extra close attention around the nipples. With your chest, it’s hard to go against the grain because the hair often goes in different directions.

Going Bald? Why Not Shave It All Off?

bald man with black jacket

If your hair is thinning out and your scalp is popping out all over the place, it might be time to face facts. Learning how to use an electric razor is important when shaving your head. A standard straight razor will give you a closer and longer lasting shave on your head, but the electric razor makes things simple and safe.

When you first start shaving your head, it will be more susceptible to irritation as the skin adjusts. You want to use an electric razor first and then follow with a straight razor. Using an electric razor alone will give you approximately one week before you need to shave it up again.

You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

For all you shaving aficionados out there, there are a lot of useful tips here to help you as well. Shaving is something all men need to deal with at some point in their life, so why not make it easier on yourself?

Learning how to use an electric razor will allow you to get the job done much faster and in an easier way. Traditional straight and safety razors may offer that quick close shave, but there is a lot more work involved.

Electric razors are perfect for men looking to get the shave over with and move onto other manly things.

Be sure to leave us a comment about your shaving routine. Also, leave any tips and tricks you might have.


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