EOS Shaving Cream Review: Is It Worth Trying This Year?

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EOS is known for taking over the lip balm market, so the fact that they also sell shaving cream can catch you off-guard. With their lip balm success, why would they make other products? We took a look at EOS shaving cream to find out why the company wanted to branch out from lip balms — and if it’s worth giving it a try for yourself.

Whether you have a favorite shaving cream or are looking for a new one, EOS shaving cream is an intriguing option. The company is known for giving you smooth lips. So it would make sense that they would branch out to give you a smooth shave.

Exploring EOS Shaving Cream

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, may be more well-known for their egg-shaped lip balms, but that’s not all they sell. You can also buy EOS shaving cream.

Like the lip balms, EOS shaving cream aims to soften your skin. Of course, it’s also helpful for shaving. EOS shaving cream can soothe your skin and make it easier to get a clean shave.

There are many benefits to using shaving cream, but you should still use one that works best for you. So if you’re looking for a new shaving cream, consider an EOS shaving cream.

Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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The Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is the standard EOS shaving cream. This shave cream can brighten your skin and even your skin tone.

It also works as a moisturizer for up to 24 hours. You can use it to shave when your skin is wet or dry. The shave cream is also paraben-free and phthalate-free.

This shave cream comes in four scents, and each of them is slightly different. The lavender jasmine has shea butter and vitamins B3, C, and E. Those nutrients help soften and nourish your skin.

Instead of vitamin B3, the pomegranate raspberry cream has aloe to help soothe your skin. The vanilla bliss cream contains aloe, oat, and antioxidants in place of shea butter and vitamin B3.

Finally, the tropical fruit cream has natural shea butter and aloe. All four scents contain vitamins C and E. Each bottle is seven fluid ounces.

Sensitive Skin Shave Cream

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If you have sensitive skin, it can be challenging to find products that won’t irritate your skin. Luckily, there’s an EOS shaving cream for you. The Sensitive Skin Shave Cream is a good alternative to their standard shave cream.

This shave cream contains shea butter, coconut oil, and mango butter. The formula is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and dermatologist tested.

The shave cream also contains aloe and wild oat as well as lavender butter, all of which help moisturize your skin. Another soothing ingredient is cucumber seed oil. This shave cream doesn’t contain any added fragrance.

Unlike the regular shaving cream, this EOS shaving cream works best on wet skin. And since this cream doesn’t have an added fragrance, there aren’t other varieties.

One bottle of the shaving cream is seven fluid ounces.

Sensitive Skin Shave Cream for Dry Skin

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Maybe your skin is sensitive, but it’s also dry. If that’s the case, try the Sensitive Skin Shave Cream for Dry Skin. This EOS shaving cream is very similar to the other sensitive skin cream, but there are some differences.

The dry skin cream has coconut oil, shea butter, and mango butter to hydrate and nourish your skin. This shave cream also has fragrance notes of coconut and mango.

Like the other shaving creams, this EOS shaving cream is paraben-free and not tested on animals. However, this formula isn’t exactly the same.

The formula doesn’t foam up much, which helps you get a closer shave. Along with moisturizing your skin, the shaving cream can restore your skin.

A bottle of this shaving cream is seven fluid ounces.

Shaving Cream Tips

Shaving tools

Not only do you need the best shaving cream for your skin, but you also need to know how to use it well. While it can be difficult to misuse shaving cream, it’s not impossible.

Of course, there are tons of products for shaving. You can use shaving cream, gel, or foam. And you can even use your standard soap.

If you want a clean shave without nicks or razor burn, we have some tips you can use to choose the best shaving cream for you.

Skin type matters

One of the most important factors in choosing a shaving cream is your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you want to find a shaving cream without added fragrances or irritants.

People with dry skin should use shaving cream with extra moisturizing ingredients.

If you have normal or oily skin, you can get away with other types of shaving creams. However, you should still look for a cream that doesn’t dry out your skin. A natural formula is also a better choice than one filled with chemicals.

It may take some experimentation, especially if you aren’t sure about your skin type. Luckily, the EOS shaving cream comes in different varieties, so you can try a couple of them.

Creams, gels, and more

So far, we’ve only mentioned shaving cream. However, there are shave gels and foams, too. The first shaving cream you used probably came in a can.

Well, that cream is actually a shaving foam because shaving cream doesn’t come in a can. Canned shaving foams have a lot of air in them, and that makes it easier to get a lather.

The problem with these foams is that they can’t hold hairs away from the skin. That can increase the chance of razor burn. There are also canned shaving gels, which are a little better.

However, these canned shaving products contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin.

Instead, you want to look for a shaving cream or gel that comes in a tin or tube. These products are more expensive than those in a can, but the quality is much better.

Shaving creams and gels don’t lather, but they do work to pull the hair up from your skin. That helps you get a close shave. These creams and gels use one or more natural oils as a lubricant.

The difference between creams and gels is that creams mix with water, whereas gels work without water.

To smell or not to smell (good)

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want a shaving cream with a fragrance. And added fragrance can make your skin smell nice. However, they aren’t necessary.

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid added fragrances since they can irritate your skin. Natural fragrances are less irritating, so they aren’t as bad.

If you decide to go with a fragrance, many shaving creams come in different scents. For example, the EOS shaving cream comes in four fragrances, including lavender, jasmine, and tropical fruit.

The Need for Smooth

Man Shaving his beard

A good shaving cream can make shaving easier, and it can help you get a close shave. While each EOS shaving cream works well for some people, we wanted to compare it to other options.

So for this review, we found a few other shaving creams to compare to our picks from EOS.

Shaving cream can dry your skin or moisturize it, and the right shaving cream does what your skin needs. But regardless of your skin type, you probably want a shaving cream that smoothes your skin.

The Closest shave

Man shaving his beard

To give our best review of EOS shaving cream, we explored a few of their options. Specifically, we looked at their standard cream as well as creams for sensitive skin and dry skin.

We also wanted to figure out if EOS shaving cream is the best. To do that, we looked at a few similar shaving creams from competitors.

After looking at formulas, fragrances, customer reviews, and more, we were able to get a clear picture of EOS shaving cream. From there, we were able to give our final review.

Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream

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Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream can give you a close shave while avoiding nicks and razor burn. Their formula allows your razor to move over your skin smoothly.

This shaving cream contains aloe, calendula, and papaya extract to nourish your skin. It can leave your skin feeling smooth, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Other ingredients include macadamia seed oil, lemon extract, and olive leaf extract. This shaving cream is paraben-free and not tested on animals. It does require water to work well.

You can choose from scents like French lavender and coconut mango.

Gillette Satin Care Women’s Shave Gel

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Gillette’s Satin Care Women’s Shave Gel is another option for shaving. This shave gel works well for sensitive skin, and it can prevent irritation from shaving.

The gel is free of fragrances and dyes. This gel is easier to shave with than regular soap, and it helps the razor glide over your skin.

The shave gel works best on wet skin, and it can produce a rich lather. When wet, the gel turns into a foam. It does come in a can, so it may not be the best quality.

However, it’s safe for your legs and face. You can also use it under your arms and in other commonly shaved areas.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream

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Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream is yet another option worth comparing to EOS shaving cream. This cream is 100 percent vegetarian, and it’s not tested on animals.

It doesn’t contain artificial colors, harsh sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. The cream is also soap-free. This cream is hypoallergenic and hydrating, which makes it suitable for normal or dry skin.

You can use the cream on your legs and face, and it can reduce razor burn, nicks, and irritation. The cream contains aloe vera, coconut, calendula, and lime. It also contains vitamins to nourish your skin.

If you don’t like coconut lime, other varieties include mango vanilla and aloe mint.

Evolution of Smooth

Whether you have normal, sensitive, or dry skin, you should be able to find a shaving cream that works for you. Luckily, EOS shaving cream comes in different varieties to suit each of those skin types.

The Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is perfect for normal skin. EOS’s Sensitive Skin Shave Cream works for sensitive skin, and there’s even a cream for dry skin.

What’s more is that these creams are actually creams, not foams. If you want a clean shave, you should avoid canned foams that masquerade as creams.

We think that anyone, regardless of skin type, should give EOS shaving cream a try. After all, smooth is part of their name.

Have you tried EOS shaving cream? Let us know in the comments!

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