The Best Safety Razor Blades Proven to Make the Cut

Are you looking for the best safety razor blades that won’t slice and dice your face? Do you want to use amazing double edge razor blades, but don’t know which to buy?

Good news! Recently, I purchased a sampler pack from Amazon and had the fantastic opportunity to try 18 different brands, looking for the best double edge razor. And in my own weird obsess-over-random-unimportant-things way, I took notes about my experiences for each one.

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I was searching for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin. I wanted something I could stick with for the rest of my life. Why did I do this? Because for years, I had accepted that nicks and cuts were part of shaving.

Even the most advanced razor cut my smooth face and neck. When I switched to safety razors, it was hit or miss, depending on the blade. Finally, I decided it was time to put an end to this nonsense once and for all, and figure out for myself what are the best safety razor blades.

So how did this little experiment turn out?

What You Need to Know About Safety Razors

Deep down, you know it’s true. There’s something unnatural about shaving with a five-blade plastic contraption that you pulled off the shelf at a department store.

Now it’s cheaper just to buy another handle and two cartridges than it is to refill the cartridges.

What’s that all about?

Aside from the hit to your wallet, and the horrible environmental impact of throwing out plastic handles and razor cartridges every month, there’s more to it. The shave itself feels like you want to get it over with quickly.

To endeavor to work upon the vulgar with fine sense is like attempting to hew blocks with a razor. — Alexander Pope

But then you try a double-edged safety razor. And you never go back.

These razors are the true gentleman’s razor. They came about in the 18th Century thanks to a Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Perret, who sandwiched a thin razor between two pieces of wood and stuck it on a handle.

And in 1895, an American traveling salesman, King Camp Gillette, created the first truly disposable safety razor. Now you could unscrew the top of the handle and throw the dull blade out.

Fast forward to today, and the basic Gillette-style safety razor remains the same.

Gillette razor

One thing you should note is that the handle and lid are called a safety razor, while the blades are called double-edged razors. However, people tend to use them interchangeably.

First off, there’s a handle which joins a flat metal rectangle. A screw sticks out from the middle of this rectangle. You place the double-edge razor in there and screw the lid onto the top of it all. Voila! Safety razor!

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How to shave with a double-edged safety razor

So you’ve bought yourself the best safety razor blades you could find. By now you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to use this thing.

Here’s the truth: it’s the exact same as those big-brand plastic razors. Only, it takes a little more finesse.

In fact, there’s almost a masculine art to shaving with the safety razor. You’re one step away from the barbershop straight razor. And it’s this that makes shaving with the best safety razor blades such a treat.


First, remember that the blade won’t tilt to the contours of your face. Instead, you need to use gentle, even strokes as you cut a path through the shaving cream. But let’s not get too far ahead.

The first thing you need to do is apply some shaving soap to your face, using a shaving brush. Also, fill a sink full of hot water.

Now, dip your brush into the water and then whip the shaving soap into frothy shaving cream. Using the brush, apply it all over your face.

Once you’re all soaped-up, you can start the shave. Remember, you don’t want to push down hard with the razor. This thing is heavy, and the head supplies its own weight. Instead, use a gentle but firm downward stroke along your beard.

That razor effortlessly slices the hairs. If you’re using the best double edge razor blades, it will seem easier than with those plastic contraptions.

Finally, pay special attention to your neck. It’s the area most vulnerable to nicks and cuts. Remember to shave with the grain, using gentle pressure.

Let the blade glide over the contours rather than forcing it into awkward turns. After a few times, you’ll get the hang of it.

Get a good handle


Above all, you’ll need a good handle. Everything else is useless without this. But unlike those cheap, mass-produced plastic things at the local supermarket, your safety razor handle will last years.

You can spend a little bit of money now, and never buy another handle again, unless you see one you like better. Most are made of stainless steel, so they don’t rust. And because there are no mechanical parts, they don’t break.

Brush up

Next, you’ll want a great brush with which to apply shaving soap. That’s right. You’re giving up on that skin-burning gas-emitting pressurized gel in a can junk.

From now on, you’re going to shave like a man, using shaving soap in a bowl. You’ll apply it to your face using a badger-hair brush.

Why badger-hair?

Because it’s soft yet tough, it doesn’t absorb soap and water. Instead, it picks it up and deposits it on your face. A good rinse and it’s ready for storage. There’s no fear of it going moldy.

However, you want a good brush. Otherwise, all those little badger hairs come out and end up swirled into your shaving soap. Or stuck all over your face.

So splurge on a good brush, like the Parker Safety Razor Handmade Deluxe badger hair brush.

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Now or lather

Finally, you’ll require a good shaving soap. Technically this stuff is shaving cream. But until you mix it up with a brush and water, it’s in solid form. It’s a bar of soap.

Some of them come in plastic or metal bowls. Others require that you purchase a separate shaving bowl. Also, everyone has their favorite shaving soap, so it’s up to you what to get.

One of my personal favorites is the simple (and cheap) Wilkinson Sword shaving soap. It gets the job done with no issues.

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But the absolute best shaving soap on the market today has to be Sir Hare’s Premium Shaving Soap, complete with a barbershop fragrance. This stuff is smooth and carries away every little hair.

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How We Reviewed

green razors

Think about this for a moment. There are hundreds of razor blade brands out there. And they all claim to be the best razor for men. But we all know that can’t be true. So how do you find the best safety razor blades from among the chaos?

That’s what we’ve done for you.

We scoured the internet for the best safety razor blades, made out of the finest premium steel. We read through mountains of customer reviews. And finally, we applied our own personal experience to our search.

As I said, I went on an empirical search for the best double edge razor blades myself.

What we found was that there were a lot of good blades and a lot of not-so-good blades. Furthermore, there were only a select few that were the best safety razor blades.

The Best Safety Razor Blades

So you want the best double edge razor. That makes sense. It’s your face we’re talking about here.

The best safety razor blades will reduce cuts and leave your skin without bumps or ingrown hairs. You’ll find that shaving with a safety razor leaves you smoother and blemish-free.

Compare that to the overpriced pieces of plastic you’re used to shaving with.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Elkaline double-edge razor blades

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First up are American-manufactured Ekaline double edge razor blades. Elkaline touts these as perfect for starters. That means they are a lighter, mild blade.

People with sensitive skin and those with fine hair will love them. However, if you have coarse hair, you’ll find that these blades don’t get the job done.

Because these razors are built with platinum-coated Swedish steel, they keep their edge for several uses. If you shave every few days, a single pack of these blades could last you all year!

I didn’t try these blades myself. But plenty of others did. And on Amazon, they wrote that these razors give a smooth, close shave.

Unfortunately, they didn’t please everyone. Some customers wrote that it takes them a few passes to get the job done and that the shave isn’t that close. Perhaps they have coarser hair?

2. Bigfoot Shaves double-edged razors

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Next, we hark back to the days of Victorian silliness, when men could afford mustaches and women broke their rib cages trying to fit into ridiculous dresses.

Bigfoot Sha​​ves double edge razor blades provide a barbershop-quality shave, but only if you’re new to safety razors.

That’s because these blades were built for soft, sensitive skin and fine hair. With a stainless steel build, you’ll avoid razor burn. But if you’re a more experienced safety razor guy, or you have coarse hair, you’ll want to pass on these.

Nevertheless, plenty of customers on Amazon were happy. Most customers praised the solid strength of the razors.

They’re sharp, the blades don’t lose their edge for several shaves, and people loved how they look. Most of all, customers called these the best value for their money.

On the other hand, many complained that the blades went dull after only one shave. So we’re not sure if they received a bad batch or not. But the lack of consistency in quality is a little concerning.

3. Feather double-edge blades

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After the Bigfoot Shaves blades, we travel to Japan. If you’ve seen Kill Bill, then you know that the Japanese take steel extremely seriously. That shows with Feather Hi-Stainless double edge blades.

The first thing you need to know about Feather blades is that these are aggressive razors. The first time I took one out of its wax-paper wrapper, I gently tapped the blade with my guitar-playing calloused fingertip. It drew a neat line of blood!

These blades are incredibly sharp.

That super-sharp edge stays for a while. But you have to be careful when shaving because these are unforgiving blades.

So if you’re an experienced safety razor shaver looking for the best razor for men, take a look. If you’re new, you might want to find a horse you can ride.

Customers absolutely loved these blades. They praised the incredible sharpness of them.

But more importantly, nearly everyone commented on how long they keep their edge. One person even wrote that he bought a pack of 200 blades and they’ve lasted him 4 years!

On the downside, a few customers felt they received the wrong product. Their blades were rusty or were knock-offs of the Feather brand. Thankfully Amazon has a great return policy.

4. Astra Superior Platinum double edge razor blades

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If Japan isn’t your thing, why not take a look at another steel-producing giant. We’re talking about Russia and their Astra Superior Platinum double edge safety razors.

Like the Japanese Feathers, these Russian Astras are extremely sharp.

They are not recommended for those new to safety razors. Although they didn’t cut my fingers like the Feathers, these blades did cut my face easily when I wasn’t focused on shaving.

So if you have coarse hair, or you know what you’re doing, then these are among the best safety razor blades you can buy.

Another feature you’ll love is that they keep their edge for multiple shaves. That tough Russian steel doesn’t dull easily.

Almost every single customer mentioned that these were a great value for the money. Many people praised how easily they shave and keep their edge. There wasn’t a single complaint!

5. BIC Chrome Platinum double edge razor blades

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Thus far we’ve looked at American blades, Japanese blades, and Russian blades. But did you know that BIC hails from France? It’s true!

And their BIC Chrome​​ Platinum double edge razors are another one of those blades I sampled in my experiment.

Unlike the Feathers and Astras, these are made with unknown stainless steel. There’s nothing fancy about them, but they are sharp and extremely utilitarian.

After all, BiC creates products for use, not for show. To help keep the edge, they coat each blade in Teflon and chrome.

These are general-use blades. Whether you’re new or not, sensitive or coarse, these blades will give you a no-nonsense shave.

I found that these blades left a bit of razor burn and also lost their edge rather quickly. And I’m not alone.

Most people were satisfied with the BIC blades. They weren’t blown away, like with Feather and Astra, but people said they were decent and good.

There were a lot of people who complained of razor burn, and also lots of pulling of the hair, so there’s that to consider.

6. Derby Extra double edge razor blades

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Right in the middle of the pack comes some fantastic blades from Turkey. Derby Extra double edge razor blades are tough little cutters built with Swedish steel using Turkish sword-making processes.

They go an extra step and add chrome, ceramic, tungsten, and platinum to give you very strong double edge razor blade.

If you want the best safety razor blades for tough, coarse hair, then look no further than Derby. Best of all, they last a long time. These blades never seem to lose their edge.

Are they as sharp as Feathers or Astras? No, but they’re extremely rugged.

They praised the longevity of these blades. Also, many customers said these were fantastic for sensitive skin. They are virtually razor burn-free.

However, a few people said that they found them too thick and somewhat dull. Beauty is in the eye of the shaver.

7. Dorco Platinum stainless double edge razor blades

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Next up is a South Korean company that emigrated to San Diego, California. Dorco Platinum Stainless double edge razor blades still get built in South Korea, however.

If you’re looking for the best safety razor blades for all-purpose use, these might be for you.

These blades use platinum coating over the stainless steel, giving them extra durability. That also helps them give a very close shave. I found that they were smooth to use, and also easy.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran safety razor shaver, these are good general-use blades.

Most people enjoyed the longevity of the Dorcos, saying they outlasted even the Feathers. In true Korean fashion, Dorco blades are efficient and affordable.

On the other hand, a few customers received bad batches that were dull or even rusty. They seem to have a lack of consistency.

8. Gillette 7 O’clock SharpEdge double-edge razor blades

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Seriously, have you started wondering what happened to the company which started it all? Well, with the Gillette 7 O’clock SharpeEdge double edge safety razors, we see that Gillette never abandoned its roots.

These 7 O’clock blades are made with Russian stainless steel. These are sharp blades, although not on the same level as Feather or Astra.

In fact, I found that they cut and nicked my face quite a bit. Nevertheless, they got the job done, and my face was smooth and fresh, albeit bleeding, each time.

Many people said these were comfortable razor blades. Quite a few claimed these blades as the best safety razor blades they tried.

But others had the same problems as I. They complained that the blades were dull or left plenty of battle wounds.

9. Polsilver Super Iridium double edge razor blades

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Guess what? We have yet another Russian razor blade! This time the Polsilver Super Iridium double edge razor blades come to us all the way from beautiful St Petersburg, Russia.

The thing about these blades is that they’re quickly forgotten. These are general-use blades that aren’t much different from the BIC or Gillette blades. They shave hair, they’re good for one or two uses, and then you get on with your day.

Most said they were good, but nobody was wowed by them. On the bright side, there were no complaints about them!

10. Wilkinson Sword Classic double edge razor blades

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Finally, we have the Wilkinson Sword Classic double edge razor blades all the way from England. Wilkinson Sword is one of those shaving companies that provides consistent shaving without surprises. You always know what you’ll get.

These stainless steel blades get coated with PTFE, so they end up remarkably smooth. Also, they’re versatile. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, they’ll get the job done.

They might not get as close as Feather or Astra, but I found them better than BIC and Gillette by a long shot.

Most said the blades were sharp, but not super sharp. These are not aggressive razors. Also, they only last for a couple of shaves. But customers loved the value for money, so there’s that.

Customers did complain, though. Many of them received blades which were from China — not England or Germany as advertised. These batches tended to be duller, and people were not happy.

And the Best Double Edge Razor Blade Is…

Hands down, the best double edge razor blade is the Feather Hi-Stainless razor blade. The Astra Superior Platinum runs a close second.

But those blades are incredibly aggressive. You really need to know what you’re doing. If you’re new to safety razor shaving, then the best safety razor blades for you are the Bigfoot Shaves or the Elkaline blades.

And if you have coarse hair, or simply want to shave in a rush, the Derby Extra or even the Gillette 7 O’clock is for you.

Bottom line: They’re all the best, which is why they’re on this list. The question is, which one is best for you?

Have you tried any of these blades? Which do you think are the best safety razor blades? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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